Why I remained standing

I’m convinced that public transport is not meant for me and that that forty something year old lady was not really asleep. Also that she had not innocently been displaced enough to occupy the adjacent seat as well. And that her eyelid was partially open voluntarily to watch each new passenger scrutinize the remaining one fourth of the seat and consequently mentally approximate the dimensions of their posterior. So I waited for a seat right next to her. I saw vacant seats at the back and many more in the front but I did not move a muscle. I did not just want to sit. I wanted to sit next to this living, breathing fake-snoring mass of bad manners and establish that her hostility had only made me stronger. A neighbor of mine patted the seat next to his, the well known “Come have a seat” gesture. I patted my purse and told myself that my neighbor  and I were appreciating non living objects around us as I shifted my focus back to that unsympathetic eyelid.


via Daily Prompt: Passenger


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